Fading Aeon are:

 David Gareis - Guitars, Songwriting

 Christian Stauch - Vocals, Bass

 Patrick Gareis - Drums, Producing

Fading Aeon is an Epic Melodic Death Metal band from Kronach, Germany. Formed in 2014, they released their debut album "A Warrior's Tale" in 2019.

It is a combination of heaviness, melody and epic symphonies, that defines their music. To top it all of, the band has a very story telling, concept driven approach to their music. Once you start to feel the epicness, you will probably end up listening to the whole album instead of just one song!

After the release of "A Warrior's Tale", the band immediately started to sell cds to countries all over the world, such as Sweden, Ireland, Australia and India.

Just a couple of months afterwards, Fading Aeon presented their album live for the first time, in front of a packed venue at their hometown. Since then the band has played live on different festivals, open air shows and placed top 3 at a contest, allowing them to open "Die Festung Rockt 2022".

After several years of hard work, the band is releasing their second studio album "The Voices Within" in December 2021. With this record, the band definitely follows their path, but also brings new and exciting elements into their already unique style of music. Fading Aeon is looking towards a bright future, always willing to put in more work, play more shows and never running out of ideas. Songwriter and Guitarist David comments: "This is definitely not the last story we have to tell".

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