We had a blast supporting Aephanemer on their show in Frankfurt! Thank you guys so much for having us! 

Thank you HOA 2022! All pictures by @dosmomentos.fotografie

Thank you Die Festung Rockt 2022!

It was a blast!







"The Voices Within" is out now! You can find it on Spotify, Amazon, bandcamp and everywhere else!






Fading Aeon 2021

The second single from "The Voices Within" is out now! Listen to "Beginning of the End"🤘

Check the first new single "Tempting Voices"!

Our second album "The Voices Within" to be released on the 10th of december 2021! 

A new tale emerges!


We are currently working on a new album! You can follow us through the whole process on Facebook and Instagram.

It was amazing to finally play live again! We had an absolute blast at the H:O:A 2021. Big thank you to the organizers and to everyone who was there. We received so much great feedback and met so many cool people. Here are some impressions of our gig, made by @juliaundsteffi

Fading Aeon Throwback
Fading Aeon Throwback

We lately started to post some throwbacks and some interesting stories from our past on Instagram and Facebook. If you want to get some insight into our band and it's history, check it out!

Fading Aeon Die Festung Rockt 2022
Fading Aeon Die Festung Rockt 2022

Es war zu erwarten, aber wir sind trotzdem traurig euch diese Nachricht zu übermitteln: Die Festung Rockt muss 2021 erneut verschoben werden . Wir hoffen den Auftritt im nächsten Jahr dann endlich nachholen zu können. Wir wollen diesen Anlass auch nutzen, um an dieser Stelle einmal allen Veranstaltern, Veranstaltungstechnikern, Musikern und allen anderen Beteiligten in dieser Branche alles Gute und viel Durchhaltevermögen zu wünschen. Bleibt gesund, wir sehen uns!  

You can now watch David's full playthrough of "Tonight We Will Rise" on our YouTube channel. There is also a link in the description where you can download the guitar tabs for it! We hope you enjoy it friends!

Fading Aeon 2020🤘
We have been pretty silent over the last few weeks and we are sorry for that, but there are good news!😏 As you can see in the picture, we currently locked ourselves away in a dark room in order to feel the vibes again...🤔 in other words: we are deep into the songwriting process for a new album! More updates coming soon😉🙂

What an amazing vocal cover of our song "One Last Farewell" by Longmir Teron!

Wir sind nun offiziell für Die Festung Rockt 2020 bestätigt! Es wird uns ein Fest sein😉🤘 Vielen Dank noch einmal an alle die beim Bandcontest da waren und uns zu dieser Chance verholfen haben!🙂

Tickets gibt es schon überall:

Reservix: https://bit.ly/2RlQYOl
Eventim: https://bit.ly/2WPj3yj

Kronach – Struwwelpeter Kronach
Kronach – Shell Station, Kulmbacher Strasse,96317 Kronach
Kronach – SUB'S Das Original Am Bahnhof in Kronach
Kronach – Tourismusbetrieb beim Rathaus
Coburg – Toxic-Toast
Steinwiesen – der frisörladen
Kulmbach – Icehouse Fashion
Altenkunstadt – Nepomuk
Küps – Getränke Ultsch
Marktgraitz – Getränke Ultsch
Sonneberg – Cafe 133
Bamberg – Jugendkulturtreff IMMER HIN
Lichtenfels – Jugendzentrum Lichtenfels
Lichtenfels – American Sandwich
Hof – Zur Linde

We are going to be opening Die Festung Rockt 2020! Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported us. We are looking forward to bring some Metal to this Festival!

And here comes the next gig announcement😉: We are going to play at the Winter Madness Festival in Bamberg on december the 14th! What a great way to end this incerdible year for us!🤘🎉

Check out this interview we made with Longmir Teron for steelinterviews.🤘 Thank you very much for your support dude, those were some really good questions! :)

Check out this astonishing review for our debut album 'A Warrior' s Tale' by No Clean Singing!

Wir spielen dieses Jahr erneut beim Festung Rockt Bandcontest in Kronach.

Kommt vorbei und helft uns ein bisschen Melodic Death Metal auf die Festung zu bringen!

It was a blast Kronach!!!
Many thanks to Human Suffering and dawn of eternity for the invite and everyone that was there!

Special thanks to Melanie Roth for taking the pictures!

Wow! Three of our songs are now featured in the METALSHOP Playlist on Spotify! Great Playlist, check it out and follow it!

We created a spotify playlist  containing songs that have influenced us over the years, as well as newer songs that we like and just some great tunes in general. Make sure to check it out! You can also listen to our full album "A Warrior's Tale" on spotify!


Thanks to Matti Viikate for this amazing interview!

Double Album Release Party Dawn of Eternity und Human Suffering

Unsere Freunde von Human Suffering feiern am 22.Juni zusammen mit Dawn of Eternity eine Double Album Release Party in Kronach und wir werden den Abend eröffnen. Kommt vorbei und feiert mit uns und den anderen Bands diesen besonderen Anlass!


Many thanks to Kira Schlechter over at Riff Relevant for this astonishingly detailed review of our album 'A Warrior's Tale'! It was a pleasure reading it.

Wow! Thanks to Hal C. F. Astell for his amazing review over at 'Apocalypse Later Music Reviews'. We feel very honoured!

Fading Aeon Rage of Winter

Thank you Rage of Winter! It was awesome!

Rage of Winter Flyer

Final Song from "A Warrior's Tale" out now! Fading Aeon - The Journey Ends

Fading Aeon Album Release on the 6th of January 2019

 "A Warrior's Tale" to be released on January  the 6th! Order now via e mail!

New Song out now! Fading Aeon - Beyond The Veil

New Song out now! Fading Aeon - One Last Farewell

Second Song out now! Fading Aeon - Tonight We Will Rise

Single out now! Fading Aeon - Fear My Name

Hey friends, at this point the time has come to present the cover of our forthcoming album "A Warrior´s Tale". Many thanks to Niklas Sundin (Cabin Fever Media, Dark Tranquillity), not only for the incredibly epic artwork but also for the very pleasant cooperation on the way to the finished piece of art.
We also want to thank every single one of you for helping us reach over 100 likes on facebook!
More infos about the album coming very soon!

Fading Aeon Album A Warrior's Tale

Hey guys! After entering YouTube, you can now find Fading Aeon on all sorts of streaming platforms as well. No matter whether you prefer using Spotify, Deezer or Tidal, you can listen to our songs wherever you want. If you feel more like streaming music on Amazon or iTunes, you are free to do this of course, but if you’re there anyways, you might also consider downloading ‘Fear My Name’